Welcome to Strive

Strive Life is a proven turnkey model developed for licensed dispensaries across the United States. We focus on providing a higher level of service and care that extends beyond dispensary walls. All business decisions keep the patients, customers, community and state program legalities in mind.

Our Mission

With core values rooted in community, compliance, customers, care, and culture, our dispensaries are renowned for delivering excellent service, a custom-curated product mix, and a luxurious ambience. Our mission is to implement the best medical marijuana practices and bring quality, tested, and precisely dosed products to market using health conscious, locally sourced ingredients.

Community – The Dispensary shall remain passionate about the local community, and to be diligent in our support. Providing the time, money, services and leadership necessary to carry out our community relationships and plans, with transparency and partnership in mind.

Compliance – The Dispensary will ensure all training, manuals, operations, programs and branding documents are compliant with the marijuana state programs the dispensary facility is located in.

Customers – The Dispensary will strive to ensure the customer and/or patient experience is top notch by implementing programs, employee scripting and screening to ensure all dispensary staff members are knowledgeable and educated.

Care – The dispensary is not a transitional based experience meaning that all customers/patients will receive extra care when visiting the dispensary. On site, we have educated patient care coordinators and sales associates that will educate on strains and the benefits of different variations of administering cannabis as well as proper dosing that matches your lifestyle.

Culture – The entire dispensary model was created with culture in mind. Not only will our turnkey solution allow customers to become familiar with our brand, the look and feel of our facilities will be unparalleled to competing dispensaries across the US.